Fire extinguishing systems with liquid agent LVS

Industries rely on the continued operation of their heavy mobile equipment - fire extinguishing systems must also work 24 hours a day. The fire extinguishing systems with liquid agent ANSUL LVS is designed to suppress fires in mobile equipment used in a variety of industries including mining, forestry, waste management, transportation and others.

  • Approved by Factory Mutual (FM);
  • Manual and/or automatic fire detection with forced launch;
  • Extinguishing fires of class A, B;
  • Fire suppression, cooling the burning surface to prevent its re-ignition;
  • System application in low temperature conditions;
  • Durable construction;
  • Approved for use in mines with manual and automatic release of the agent (automatic warning system with the ANSUL CHECKFIRE MP-N device approved by MSHA);
  • EAC certification.


Liquid Fire Suppressant (LVS) is a part of the fire extinguishing system ANSUL, designed to suppress fires in vehicles and equipment used in a wide range of industries: underground and open pit mining, forestry/wood logging, construction engineering, waste management, metalworking, transport, power industry, agriculture, etc.

This liquid fire extinguishing agent is able to penetrate into hard-to-reach areas of equipment, spreading along the same path as flammable liquids. The effect of fire suppression and re-ignition prevention is achieved, firstly, due to the formation of a protective layer on the surface of the burning liquid, which prevents the supply of oxygen, and secondly, due to the cooling of the combustible liquid and heated surfaces with the composition of the LVS fire extinguishing agent.


The liquid agent LVS is a unique mixture of organic and inorganic salts, combined surface-active agent. This formulation features the low temperature resistance and high foam ratio of standard liquid fire extinguishing agents used in suppression fires of class A and B.

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