Fire extinguishing systems with powder agent A-101

Many industries invest in valuable equipment, and thus, they have to invest also in fire protection of this equipment.

Using the fire extinguishing system with powder chemical agent ANSUL A-101 for protecting equipment and vehicles allows customers to avoid costly repair and replacement of the system, to maintain low insurance costs, to reduce downtime and to prevent serious health-threatening injuries.

  • Approved by Factory Mutual (FM);
  • Manual and/or automatic fire detection with forced launch;
  • Extinguishing fires of class A, B, C, E (up to 1000 V);
  • System application in severe temperature conditions;
  • System execution with cylinders of the reduced height;
  • Durable construction;
  • Approved for use in mines with manual and automatic release of the agent (automatic warning system with the ANSUL CHECKFIRE MP-N device approved by MSHA);
  • EAC certification.


The fire extinguishing installation ANSUL A-101 with automatic or manual launch uses dry chemical FORAY (based on monoammonium phosphate) to extinguish fires of classes A (solids), B (liquids), C (gases), and E (electrical fires). The fire extinguishing unit is designed for installation on large building implements and mining equipment (large excavators, draglines, tractors, wheel loaders), underground mine equipment and special purpose vehicles (slag transport machines, tunneling machines, solid waste processing equipment, forestry equipment). Machines of such types are usually filled with a significant amount of fuels and lubricants, hydraulic fluids under pressure and other combustible materials (coal dust, accumulation of rags, debris, etc.).

If the automatic fire alarm control panel is not installed or is disabled, then the fire extinguishing installation can only be started manually.


The fire extinguishing unit ANSUL A-101 is a modular powder instalation with replaceable cartridges and stationary hose piping with nozzles. It is approved by Factory Mutual (FM).

The unit is equipped with automatic start and/or remote manual start. When fire is detected, the fire extinguishing unit A-101 is switched on automatically or manually by using a pneumatic starter. The pneumatic starter device breaks the diaphragm in the propellant cartridge. This, in turn, promotes pressure to the bottle with dry chemical and liquefies the latter; when the set pressure mode is reached, the membrane is destroyed and the powder is released through the HPH system. Dry chemical is released into the protected area through stationary nozzles and extinguishes the fire.

Automatic fire detection in the fire extinguishing installation provides firedetection using either linear or point detectors.

The installation can operate in the mode of local fire extinguishing in transport and industry. In some cases of industrial application, it is possible to use volumetric fire extinguishing. A typical installation consists of the following parts: dry chemical module(s), propellant gas cartridge, distribution hoses and nozzles, manual/auto start device, automatic warning system, accessories.

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