Сontrol unit Checkfire MPN/SCN

Continued equipment protection starts with fire detection at early stages. The exclusive electronic detection and fire extinguishing system ANSUL CHECKFIRE MPN/SCN provides detection, alarm, equipment shutdown and activation of the fire extinguishing action – all operations are performed automatically if required. Using in conjunction with the fire extinguishing system ANSUL, the system CHECKFIRE can provide 24/7 protection for mobile equipment.

  • Approved by Factory Mutual (FM);
  • Durable construction;
  • Monitoring of electronic circuits;
  • Internal emergency power supply;
  • Adjustable time delay of the fire extinguishing system;
  • Design for extreme environmental conditions;
  • Protection against dust and water (protection class IP66);
  • Automatic or manual activation;
  • Downloadable history log;
  • EAC certification.


The system CHECKFIRE MPN/SCN (approved for using in mine industry) complies with the approved requirements of the Mining Industries Safety and Health Administration for use in underground mining (Permitted Use in Explosive Environments of Methane/Air). Designed for equipment operating in extreme environments and loads, the rugged and reliable system control module is designed to withstand shocks and vibrations and can be used as a stand-alone system powered by its own built-in lithium battery. Additional features of the system include monitoring of electronic circuits, adjustable shutdown delay and spraying of the fire extinguishing agents.


There are two options for fire detection: line detection cable and detection of heat spot. The line detection cable consists of spring steel conductors separated by a temperature sensitive insulator that melts at 180°C (356°F) that causes the closing operation of the two conductors. This contact provides current-carrying between the two conductors. The heat spot sensors are usually devices with normally open closing contacts. The pre-set temperature design let the contacts close when the ambient temperature reaches the value set in the sensor.

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