Two-component fire extinguishing system A-101/LVS

Combining the performance of fire suppression systems ANSUL A-101 and LVS has two extinguishing agents, thus, it provides enhanced protection in applications where overheated equipment operates around the clock, often in harsh and hazardous conditions.

  • Approved by Factory Mutual (FM);
  • Combining advantages of the systems A-101 and LVS;
  • EAC certification.


While the dry chemical FORAY suppresses flames, the liquid substance LVS cools surrounding areas and spreads to areas where flammable liquids may have accumulated. The fire extinguishing agent LVS provides fire suppression and excellent cooling of overheated surfaces by coating the fuel and shutting off oxygen to prevent re-ignition.


As an integral part of the system, the dry chemical system A-101, can be designed with a purpose to fill the entire space with dry chemical or to be sprayed with nozzles aimed at specific hazardous areas. Both systems are designed to spray simultaneously with manual or automatic activation and with the option to extend the time of the dry chemical spraying process.

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