System installation

«FS Service» LLC offers installation of ANSUL fire extinguishing systems. The technical department of the company will conduct a detailed risk analysis for comprehensive and effective protection of your equipment. Employees of FS Service LLC have a big experience in the engineering of the installation of ANSUL fire extinguishing systems, which guarantees the maximum efficiency of the installed system. Also, when carrying out engineering and subsequent execution of work, the company's employees take into account the customer’s  requests, including: optimal configuration of the system while maintaining its efficiency, placement of equipment on machinery, convenient time for work.

Company’s experience

The service department of the company has extensive experience in installing systems in various climatic conditions, throughout the geography of the CIS, at various production facilities. The service department of «FS Service» LLC carries out more than 150 installations of ANSUL fire extinguishing systems per year. At the same time, our company always require feedback from the client, providing warranty service and advice on emerging issues of system operation.

Why install ANSUL?

The ANSUL fire suppression system is the choice of frugal owners. Owners who understand that the money invested in the installation of the system now, guarantee effective protection of their property from fire in the future. Our company maintains statistics on extinguishing the ANSUL fire extinguishing system. This system, installed by the service department of «FS Service» LLC, provides extinguishing of more than 40 pieces of equipment per year. Thus, it provides savings of hundreds of millions of rubles to our customers. By choosing an ANSUL fire suppression system, you are providing reliable protection for your property and business.

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