System maintenance

FS Service LLC offers maintenance work for installed ANSUL fire extinguishing systems. System maintenance is carried out strictly in accordance with ANSUL factory regulations. Service of ANSUL systems by our company, as an authorized distributor of ANSUL, guarantees you the proper and efficient operation of these systems.

To provide high-quality and affordable service, our company has a large service staff, a large fleet of service vehicles equipped with everything necessary for work, a wide network of company branches.

Company’s experience

The service department of the company has extensive experience in the maintenance of systems in various climatic conditions, throughout the geography of the CIS, at various production facilities. More than 1,500 units of equipment with an installed ANSUL fire extinguishing system are in service with FS Service LLC. At the same time, our company always maintains feedback with the client, providing warranty service and advice on emerging issues of system operation.

Why should an ANSUL system be serviced?

Our company often encounters instances where the installed ANSUL fire extinguishing system is not maintained properly. Or serviced, but not by authorized ANSUL distributors. The lattest is usually carried out by unqualified and untrained personnel, using non-original spare parts. Such circumstances entail a decrease in the efficiency and operability of the system, or even a complete inoperability of the system, with subsequent costs for its restoration. To avoid such consequences, owners of equipment on which an ANSUL fire extinguishing system is installed are advised to carry out maintenance only at an authorized ANSUL distributor using original spare parts. This solution will let to:

  • Maintain the health and efficiency of the system;
  • Reduce the risk of possible system refurbishment;
  • Reduce equipment downtime due to system repairs;
  • Keep the manufacturer's warranty.

Why choose our service?

  • Extensive network of company branches;
  • Experienced, trained and qualified staff;
  • Responding to customer needs 24/7;
  • Prompt performance of work;
  • Use only original spare parts;
  • Spare parts are always available;
  • Performance of work in any climatic conditions, under any operating conditions.

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